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House Builders in Thailand

Builders in ThailandBuilding a house in Thailand? We are a British managed house building company based in Surin in the North East of the country. We have been building houses in and around Thailand for the past nine years. We have a team of three construction gangs, each gang having their own highly skilled foreman and collectively having a total of 75 years experience in the building trade.

We employ our own architect who graduated from Rajamangala University in Bangkok. He currently has over 36 years of experience designing all kinds of building projects. We also have two fully qualified licensed engineers,

I personally have over 23 years experience of building western style houses in Europe, America and Asia.

We specialise in building from an idea, sketch or plan, to the fully finished home of your dreams. We supply a quality service so that even if the client is working overseas they can monitor the progress of the construction of their house regularly via updated photos sent by email.

We pride ourselves on providing quality at a price you can afford.


All our work is carried out to the specification of the original plans.

The build plan, once completed by our architect, goes through a fixed process. It starts by going to a licensed registered engineer, who checks through the plan in meticulous detail making sure the architect has not made any mistakes in the specification. Once it has been certified it then goes to a government engineer for the final check. When that has been approved then we can start to build the house.


Every house is different, some clients already have a plan, some clients only have brief ideas. Many clients are unsure exactly what they require but we can help with that.

We have many pre designed plans, house books, pictures, and ideas to suit all tastes. We can however build exactly what YOU specify if you are sure what you require. We are diligent in ensuring that the end product is the right choice for you.


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